Much too soon, and with great sorrow and regret, we had to say goodbye to our girl Jodie who had reached the respectable age of nine and a half. She had ensured that we were fully infected with the Great Dane virus.
Our dogs are part of our family; we share our house with them. The main reason that we brought them into our lives was to have fun and enjoy this wonderful breed. We continue to have fun with our dogs by taking part in shows, going on hikes throughout the Netherlands that are organized with other Danes or just alone with our 3 dogs at a nice spot somewhere in the country, or on vacation with the dogs
, and of course through the various dog clubs as participants in obedience training, show training etc. as long as the doggies (and the master) are enjoying it. 
We would like to occasionally breed a litter, using informed choices with an emphasis on health and character which will certainly follow the breed standard.
The birthing will take place in our house because we believe that a dog that always lived in the house should experience childbirth in a farrowing pen "outside" to stay away from that which is so familiar, but still close by.
If you still have questions, or would like to meet us and our dogs, please contact us via email or telephone.

Who we are ....
Simon, Karin, Nicoya, and Delain Habes from Gouda, situated in the green heart of South Holland, The Netherlands. In 2011 we decided to start our kennel, Delightful Dog, the name says everything about this wonderful breed, the Great Dane!
Many years ago I came across a Great Dane and knew then that this would be my next dog; despite the radical size he radiated nobility and elegance, fantastic! After  this brief encounter with the Great Dane, more than 20 years ago, I began to seek information,  go to shows,  visit Great Dane owners at their homes and with each encounter the sweet character of this breed won me over every time. There was no escape, with us there would be a Great Dane!
Our first  Great Dane Jodie, was almost 4 years old and was in the shelter with a dramatic story in her past when we found her.  After an exhaustive selection process, we became the happy owners of Jodie. Although she was mistreated, she soon became a balanced social Great Dane with confidence in us and the world. After only one day with the leash, it was obvious that the "click" between us was direct and the leash was tossed in the closet! Later it became apparent that Jodie was also a very educated lady, when additional Great Danes came into our family, she was an enormous help in the upbringing.
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